MBBS in Italy for Pakistani Students: Admission, Scholarships, and Requirements

Pakistani students who are unable to afford the fees for MBBS in Pakistan and private universities often find themselves in distress. Therefore, today, I am posting this for free MBBS.

Eligibility for Pakistani Students in Italy for MBBS


If a Pakistani student wants to enroll in any Italian medical university, they must obtain a minimum of 60% marks in Pre-Medical with Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English from a recognized board.


It is essential that the applicant be at least 17 years old during the year of application. To be eligible for MBBS in Italy, Pakistani students must also take the International Medical Admission Test (IMAT).


Required Documents for Pakistani Students in Italy for MBBS


Pakistani students need the following documents for MBBS in Italy:


Ø  Secondary School Certificate and Marksheet

Ø  Pre-Medical or Intermediate Certificate and Marksheet

Ø  Copies of the original passport (valid for at least eighteen months)

Ø  Two passport-size photographs with a white background (applicant’s signature on one photograph is mandatory)

Ø  Police clearance certificate or a statement of no criminal record

Ø  IMAT test score

Ø  Proof of funds (sufficient funds to cover all expenses including tuition fees and return airfare)

Ø  All documents should be legalized by the Italian Embassy.


Fees in Italian Universities


The average tuition fee for MBBS in Italy is approximately 1200 Euros per year. If someone is awarded a full or partial scholarship, the tuition fee can be significantly reduced.


The duration of the MBBS course in Italy is 6 years, and it is taught in English.


IELTS Requirement


IELTS is not required for admission to Italian medical universities.


List of Medical Universities in Italy


According to the official website of MBBS in Italy, the following is a list of Italian medical schools:


1. Humanitas University

2. Università degli Studi di Messina

3. University of Milan

4. University of Pisa

5. University of Bari

6. Biomedical University of Rome

7. University of Florence

8. University of Studies, Udine

9. University of Bologna


Application Process for Pakistani Students


Phase I: First, you should go to one of the universities mentioned above or create an account on the official Italian website.


Official website:(


After creating an account, you will proceed with the registration and upload your documents according to the university’s requirements.


Phase II: International Medical Admission Test (IMAT)


IMAT is an MCQ-based test consisting of 60 questions with a total of 90 marks.


·         Registration: Starts in June/July

·         Test location: British Council Islamabad, Pakistan

·         Registration fee: 130 Euros

·         Duration: 100 minutes

·         Negative marking: 0.4 marks deducted for each incorrect answer

·         Passing marks: 50

·         Syllabus: The test is divided into four sections:

·         Critical Thinking: 22 MCQs

·         Biology: 18 MCQs

·         Chemistry: 12 MCQs

·         Physics and Mathematics: 8 MCQs


After passing the IMAT test, you will proceed with the visa application process.




The intake for MBBS in Italy begins in September, with classes starting in October. Applications are open from March to June for Pakistani students who wish to study MBBS in Italy. The IMAT test is conducted in July, and its registration begins in June. Students must apply for admission during this time.




For Pakistani students interested in obtaining free education at Italy’s top institutions, there are scholarships available. Additionally, Italian universities offer approximately 250 scholarships for Pakistani and international students.


Many scholarships become available after admission, and applications can be submitted once students reach Italy.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How much do students earn in Italy?

In Italy, students are limited to working a maximum of 4 hours per day according to Italian law. A student can earn approximately 500 to 1000 Euros per month, and internships are often unpaid.


2. How can I apply for an Italian visa?

 You can apply for a student visa at the Italian embassy or consulate in your home country.


3. Do I need to take the IELTS for MBBS in Italy?

To demonstrate proficiency in the English language, applicants are required to take an English language proficiency test as part of the admission process. English is one of the primary languages of instruction in Italy.


4. Can I work during my studies in Italy?

Students in Italy are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies, according to Italian law.


5. What are the living expenses for students in Italy?

Living expenses for students in Italy can vary, but an estimated monthly expenditure of 500-600 Euros is typical.


6. Is MBBS taught in English in Italy?

More than 13 public medical schools in Italy offer MBBS degrees in English.


7. Is MBBS in Italy free?

MBBS education in Italy is comparatively affordable compared to other European institutions. The Italian government provides scholarships covering 100% of the tuition fees for high-achieving students.


8. What is IMAT?

IMAT is the International Medical Admission Test, which is mandatory for admission to Italian medical universities.


9. Can I practice in Pakistan after completing MBBS in Italy?

Yes, graduates of Italian medical universities can practice medicine in Pakistan after passing the National Licensing Examination (NLE).

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